We are teaching the kids to become leaders while promoting a healthy lifestyle through Jiu-Jitsu. Our goal is to reinforce important life skills such as confidence, focus, discipline, courtesy, and respect through a series of class room instruction and functional drilling.

We do not focus on submissions for ages 5-6. However, we will begin to show some basic submissions for some of our seven year olds who are interested in competing. Our class sizes are approximately twelve to fifteen kids who are overseen by two to three coaches.


  • Learn basic warm-up movements, positions, and break-falls
  • Learn how to safely take someone down and out maneuver them
  • Learn how to properly escape pins and holds
  • Participate in functional drilling and live grappling
  • Discuss various types of bullying and how to become less of a target
  • Begin to lay the building blocks for becoming a leader, not a follower
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