This class is for early risers looking to get their Jiu-Jitsu fix before the work day begins or anyone who may need to conveniently break up their schedule. This is an all levels class which includes everyone regardless of experience.

The all levels class instructor will be working on a specific theme over a certain period of time. There is a progression to each lesson. The class structure allows students of all experience levels the opportunity to learn.


  • Learn how to apply submission holds and joint locks responsibly
  • Learn how to chain offensive and defensive techniques
  • Learn how to safely take someone down and out maneuver them
  • Learn how to properly escape pins and holds
  • Participate in functional drilling and live grappling
  • Discuss various ways to become less of a target for an attack
  • Discuss the importance of both self defense and the art of Jiu-Jitsu
  • At times conduct Q&A sessions
Note: Live grappling is optional for beginners.
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