All levels class includes everyone regardless of your experience. The techniques are taught in a progressive manner starting at the most basic level, to intermediate, and advanced so everyone will benefit from the lesson.

The all levels class instructor will be working on a specific theme over a certain period of time. There is a progression to each lesson. The class structure allows students of all experience levels the opportunity to learn.


  • Learn how to apply submission holds and joint locks responsibly
  • Learn how to chain offensive and defensive techniques
  • Learn how to safely take someone down and out maneuver them
  • Learn how to properly escape pins and holds
  • Participate in functional drilling and live grappling
  • Discuss various ways to become less of a target for an attack
  • Discuss the importance of both self defense and the art of Jiu-Jitsu
  • At times conduct Q&A sessions
Note: Live grappling is optional for beginners.
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